We have created a new challenge for you! A brand new package for stand up paddle (SUP) boards awaits you, ideal for flat sea days or if you fancy learning something new.

Maybe you’ve only heard about SUP boards being used on rivers or lakes? Here in Morocco we use the popular SUP boards on waves big and small because it’s so much fun!

So what are you waiting for? Learn something new with our qualified teachers and let yourself be carried away into the Moroccan waves.

With our new “Rock the Waves with SUP” package, you can learn to ride the waves with a SUP board. A qualified instructor is at your disposal and guides you safely through the various steps to enjoy and surf the waves with lots of fun.

If you just want to explore the waves at your leisure, you can rent an SUP board. You can find more information about the costs under Prices. Alternatively, to dive right in to the world of SUP, pick one of our new packages.

sup board on waves

Aziz is a born surfer. Raised in Agadir on the coast of the Atlantic, the ocean has become his second home ever since he can remember. He truly knows the Moroccan waves and his heart starts beating when swell is forecasted. As a certified ASI surf instructor he loves to pass on this know how and share his passion for surfing.

One could say Janina was bedazzled by the Moroccan world. She loves to travel, meet new people and of course to surf, which has become an important aspect in her life. Her role within the team is to act as first contact point for all customer requests by email and on the spot in Morocco. Besides this she also takes care of all the marketing and organisational activities.

Omar is our new Surf Instructor giving lessons to Beginners through to Intermediates. Growing up in Banana village, Omar’s backyard is Banana Point. He loves the ocean and the waves. With Omar you will always have fun, in the water and on the beach. His philosophy is: “Surfing is like a ladder, you do it step by step and with time you will be a professional!“

  • How long should I stay so that I can learn to surf?

    In 7 days you will be more than a master in the basics of surfing and you will have also had the opportunity to discover the area. We do our best to organize an unforgettable time for you.

    If you do not have 7 days no problem. Contact us and we will send you a quote.

  • What are the weather, water and surf like?

    Morocco is a popular surf destination all year round. In the summer months (May to October) there are smaller waves and the water is warm enough to surf without a wetsuit. The beach breaks are usually the best option, offering a great time for those who are looking for fun, small waves. For those who want more of a challenge, there are still a few days with bigger swell.

    In the winter months (December to February), the famous waves on Morocco’s coast come alive. The water is a little cooler, 3/2 full suit, but there is a huge selection of surf options, like nowhere else in the world. Morocco offers fun for everyone, whether beginner, intermediate or professional surfer, we’ll take you to the perfect spot to surf.

    Morocco has more than 300 sunny days a year. Between November and February there is a slight chance of rain.

  • What should I bring?

    Passport, airline tickets, visa if necessary, address of your accommodation (West Surf Morocco, Villa Solaria, Tamraght), travel insurance, sunscreen, beach towel, sarong, swimsuit, beachshorts, flip flops, sunglasses, a hat, a sweater for chilly evenings, evening outfit for a dinner outside of the Camp, beachbag, yoga outfit if needed and most importantly a lot of energy and fun.

  • How do I get to Morocco?

    Morocco is only 4 hours away from Europe. There are many cheap ways to fly directly to Agadir. The following airlines fly from Germany to Agadir:

    • Ryanair
    • Easyjet
    • Condor
    • Airberlin
    • Tui
    • Germanwings

    With a stop in Casablanca:

    • Royal air Maroc
    • Iberia

    Fly from other Countries in Europe:

    • Easyjet
    • Condor
    • Airberlin
    • Tui
    • Germanwings
    • Royal air Maroc
    • Iberia
    • British Airways
    • Royal Air Maroc
    • Thomson
    • First Choice
  • Which airports are the closest?

    Agadir is only 40 minutes drive from our surf camp and thus the nearest airport. Airport transfers are included in our packages. If you haven´t booked any of these packages, we can arrange airport transfers for € 25.

  • From Marakech, how do I get to the Surfcamp?

    From Marakech it is only 3 hours drive to our camp. We can arrange airport transfers from Marakech for up to 4 people for a total price of 90 €. If you’re alone or have less than 4 people, just take a “petit taxi” from the airport to Supratours or the CTM stop from there you can book your ticket for the next bus to Agadir. The buses run every 2 hours and once you arrive in Agadir we will pick you up.

  • What about Visa?

    Europeans do not need a visa to enter Morocco. For all other nationalities, we recommend you get more information about visas from your nearest Moroccan embassy.

  • Currency and Payment

    Currency: Morocco has a closed currency, so you cannot bring Dirhams in or out of the country. Most don´t accept traveler checks or card payments. So the best thing is to change money in Morocco or get cash at an ATM.

    Payment: You can pay any outstanding balance in Euros, Pounds or MAD in the surf camp when you arrive.

  • Can I travel alone?

    Yes of course, we host many solo travelers. If you have booked one of our packages you will be taken from the airport to the villa by our driver. In the Camp you will be surrounded 24 hrs by our lovely team and there is lots to do with your new friends.

  • What else to do in Morocco?

    There are many other activities, such as: horse and camel riding, quad and jetski. Paradise Valley is only 30 mins drive from us and a trip to the local bazaar in Agadir is a must. There are plenty of amazing beaches to visit, or discover one of Morocco’s most beautiful cities, such as Essaouira or Marakech. Share your wishes with us and we will organize one of these amazing day trips.

  • What to do in the evenings?

    You can enjoy the evenings with a delicious dinner on the terrace while watching the sunset, or take a taxi and explore the local area on your own. Once a week we arrange a dinner together in Agadir or Taghazout which is always a great time.

  • Local Culture and Religion

    Our surf camp is located in a traditional Berber village. Boardshorts and bikinis are fine on the beach but it is respectful to cover up a little more while in the village. If you make a trip to the local bazaar or the hinterland it is necessary to cover your shoulders and knees. In general Morocco is a very safe and peaceful country. Your belongings are safe on the beach and we always have an eye on them. But, please do not bring any valuables, such as passports, credit card or other things to the beach.

  • Is alcohol a problem?

    Alcohol is not a problem, the problem is trying to find it because it’s not widely available. You won’t find any alcohol in Tamraght or Taghazout, however you can buy it in Agadir at various shops. So it is best to ask your airport driver to stop at an alcohol shop on the way to the camp. There are also refrigerators at the camp for you to store your alcohol in.

  • Do you cater for Vegetarian or special Diets?

    Yes, we fully understand vegetarians and any special dietary requirements. But please tell it us in advance so that we can make sure everything is ready for you.

  • Can I use my phone? Is there internet?

    Yes, there is free WiFi in the villa and also WiFi in all the nearby cafes.

  • Can I drink the water?

    Please do not drink the tap water as it will make you sick. There is a shop just around the corner from the villa where you can buy water.

  • What plugs are used in Morocco?

    Morocco is on 220 volts with two pin round plugs, the same as most European plugs.

  • Do you supply towels?

    In the bathroom you will find towels, but please bring your own beach towel.

  • Can I bring my children or pets?

    Children are welcome in our camp and our Surf instructors are trained to give them surfing lessons. You can attend the course or just take the transportation to the beach, there your kids can enjoy the sea, camel or horse riding and many other activities.

    Pets are not a problem in our surf camp.

One Week Rock the Waves with SUP

Perfect for Beginners & Advanced Surfers

495 €

  • Transport to and from the airport (Agadir) or bus station
  • Accommodation with excellent breakfast and lunch
  • Transport to the best spots in Morocco 7 days
  • Qualified SUP teachers and lessons 6 days
  • Well tested SUP board 7 days
  • Free Wi-Fi in the surf villa
  • Local knowledge of Westsurf Morocco team
  • Photos from your surf sessions

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7 days SUP Soul Surfer package

295 €

  • Accommodation with excellent breakfast and lunch
  • Transport to the best spots in Morocco 6 days
  • Well tested SUP board 6 days
  • Wifi in the surfvilla
  • Local knowledge of Westsurf Morocco team

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Rent for half day costs 10 € and the whole day 15 €.

Season Guide

Swell Air Temp Sea temp Wetsuits
Sept - Nov 4 - 8 ft 25°C - 30°C 18°C - 21°C shorts/shortie
Dec- Feb 4 - 15 ft 18°C - 26°C 16°C - 18°C 3/2 full suit
Mar - May 4 - 6 ft 20°C - 30°C 18°C - 20°C 3/2 full - short arm 3/2
Jun - Aug 2- 4 ft 25°C - 30°C 21°C + Shorts / vest