Aziz is a born surfer. Raised in Agadir on the coast of the Atlantic, the ocean has become his second home ever since he can remember. He truly knows the Moroccan waves and his heart starts beating when swell is forecasted. As a certified ASI surf instructor he loves to pass on this know how and share his passion for surfing.

One could say Janina was bedazzled by the Moroccan world. She loves to travel, meet new people and of course to surf, which has become an important aspect in her life. Her role within the team is to act as first contact point for all customer requests by email and on the spot in Morocco. Besides this she also takes care of all the marketing and organisational activities.

Omar is our new Surf Instructor giving lessons to Beginners through to Intermediates. Growing up in Banana village, Omar’s backyard is Banana Point. He loves the ocean and the waves. With Omar you will always have fun, in the water and on the beach. His philosophy is: “Surfing is like a ladder, you do it step by step and with time you will be a professional!“

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Season Guide

SwellAir TempSea tempWetsuits
Sept - Nov4 - 8 ft25°C - 30°C18°C - 21°Cshorts/shortie
Dec- Feb4 - 15 ft18°C - 26°C16°C - 18°C3/2 full suit
Mar - May4 - 6 ft20°C - 30°C18°C - 20°C3/2 full - short arm 3/2
Jun - Aug2- 4 ft25°C - 30°C21°C +Shorts / vest