The right sun protection

Sonnenschutz beim SurfenReally? A blog for sun protection. Is it really necessary? Yes it is. The experienced surfer know that a good sun protection is as necessary as a good board. As a red tomato in the line up you are not even an eye catcher, but also you bring your health in danger.





Here you get to know 4 very important facts you should know about sun screen/protection!

1. Sunscreen

There are two different sunscreens. One is working in the physical way and the other one in the chemical way. The chemical sunscreen you should put half in hour in advance on your skin before jumping in. But the physical one you can put just before you are about going into the water.

2. The SPF factor of your sunscreen

The SPF factor of your sunscreen is extending the time you can stay in the sun. So if you use SPF factor 30 you can stay with skin type 1 2,5h – 5h in the sun. As well it is important that your sunscreen is not only protecting you from the UV-A also from the UV-B.

3. Zink

Zink is the perfect way to protect you from the sun. It is thicker and also not going off in the water. And now you find zink in a lot of different funny colors.

4. Neos, Lycras & Boardshorts for sun protection

Your wetsuit is not only keeping you warm in the water. It also protects you from the sun. So when it is getting to warm, it is from advantage to use a lycra with 50 SPF factor.








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2 thoughts on “The right sun protection

  1. Danke für die tollen Tips! Ich mag kurze Texte.

    Mein Lieblingsprodukt:
    Von Alga Maris, Biarritz gibt es einen BIO-Zinkstift LSF 50+, der werkt super!
    Hab 3 Monate in Spanien ohne Sonnenbrand im Gesicht damit geschafft;)

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